El Gaucho Sano

Pilies str. 10, Vilnius
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Argentinean restaurant “El Gaucho Sano” is situated in the hotel “Atrium”, in the very heart of the Old Town of Vilnius, Pilies street.

Guests are invited to taste Argentinean dishes according to the real traditions of this country. The author of the menu of the restaurant is virtuoso Mario Ricardo Avallone, an Argentinean who specially came to Lithuania .  This chef of the kitchen is informed about any change in the menu of the kitchen, therefore the true Argentinean taste and smell can be felt here! The dishes are made exclusively from the natural products, and this fact is reflected even by the name of the restaurant “El Gaucho Sano”, which means “healthy shepherd” in Spanish. A peculiar interior reflects the spirit of a village: walls and ceilings are decorated by spotty ox-hides, warm atmosphere is created by warmish lamps, wooden ornaments in the furniture, a fireplace, photographs reflecting the past and Argentinean music playing. Food is delivered in special authentic Argentinean dishes: when cutting a steak, a client is offered a wooden plate, which keeps the dish always hot, as live coals are placed under a metal dish. Tea is drunk from a special Argentinean dish – Kalebas  with a special spoon bombillia.

We can also offer a very wide range of wines from the main regions of the world. Some sorts of wine can be found only in our restaurant in Lithuania.

Opening hours
Today: 12:00-24:00
phone: +37052107773


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El Gaucho SanoRestaurant
Pilies str. 10, Vilnius